Would Every Person Wearing Masks Prove Beneficial In Preventing Covid-19 Transmission?

The covid-19 pandemic which is rattling numerous nations is a huge cause of concern. The WHO has come forward with few safety precautions that will help in cutting down the risk of infection. One of the precautionary measures that few countries have mandated is the use of masks. Some governments impose a fine on citizens who don’t wear masks in public.

Are masks really helpful in preventing Covid-19 transmission?

The respiratory droplets serve as source of Covid-19 infection. When an infected person wears a mask and coughs, his/her cough particles are contained within the mask and don’t contaminate other people nearby. Initially CDC’s guidelines highlighted the importance of infected people wearing masks but the new guidelines are different.

Face masks are not anymore seen as necessary accessory to be used only by the sick or those caring for the sick. A number of asymptomatic patients are turning up positive for the virus. CDC recommends the use of non medical mask like cloth masks for everyone who steps outside their homes for usual chores like grocery shopping. Buy masks in advance online.

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Reason for the changes in CDC guidelines:

The covid-19 symptoms are generally noticeable after couple of days and it is seen that nearly 25% of reported Covid-19 cases are asymptomatic which makes it hard to identify infected people. This is one of the reasons the infection is spreading at a rapid pace since we accidently come in contact with infected persons without realizing.

This makes using masks essential for everyone whenever in public in addition to maintaining safe distance. Medical personnel are more at risk of contracting the infection since they are in close contact of patients. Due to the limited supply of medical masks, CDC recommends the use of cloth masks or scarves so that medical personnel don’t face scarcity of masks.

How effective are cloth masks?

Though not as effective as medical masks, cloth masks offer sufficient protection. Some are purchasing cloth masks while some are making their own cloth masks using T-shirts or bandanas due to the shortage of masks. But is it a good idea to use home-made cloth masks?

  • Homemade masks traps respiratory droplets
  • The ones made using T-shirts offer minimal protection but something is better than nothing and there are no associated risks of wearing masks.
  • Home-made ones filter out only larger particles and there is no evidence of them filtering out viral aerosols
  • They don’t provide a good fit which could increase the risk of infection

There is ongoing debate among the public regarding the effectiveness of usage of masks. However masks help a great deal in protecting against the asymptomatic spread. Wear masks even if you aren’t feeling sick to be on the safer side.

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