Why Is upper Stomach endoscopy done?

Upper endoscopy or EGD is a treatment to diagnose as well as treat issues in your upper ABDOMEN tract.

The upper stomach system includes your food pipe, tummy, as well as the initial component of your little intestinal tract.

This procedure is done with the endoscopy equipment, which consists of a long, versatile tube called an endoscope, the cable has a little light and camera on one end. The cable is taken into your mouth as well as throat. Then it is slowly is pushed via your esophagus as well as tummy, and into your duodenum. Videos, photos from the camera are seen on a display.

Tiny devices might likewise be put right into the endoscope. These tools can be utilized to:

  • Take cells samples for a biopsy
  • Remove things such as food that might be stuck in the upper ABDOMEN system
  • Infuse air or fluid
  • Supper bleeding
  • Do procedures such as endoscopic surabdomencal treatment, laser therapy, or open (dilate) a tightened location

What occurs after anupperabdomen endoscopy?

When the procedure gets completed, you are taken to the healing space to be seen. When your pulse, blood pressure, as well as breathing, are stable and also you are awake as well as alert, you will be required to your hospital room. Or you might be discharged to your residence. If you are going home, somebody must drive you.

You will not be enabled to eat or consume anything until your reflex returns. This is to supper you from choking. You may have a sore throat as well as pain for a few days when you swallow. This is normal.

You might feel gassy after the treatment.

You might go back to your typical diet reabdomenmen as well as activities unless you have other directions.

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