Understanding Back Pain Causes and Treatment 

Back Pain is the most common cause of why people are often forced to take a break from work. This can be uncomfortable and also irritating at the same time. There can be several causes of back pain including any major injury or any severe medical condition.

Lower back pain can be caused due to the bony lumbar spine or ligaments around the spine and discs, strain due to abrupt movements or while lifting heavy items. Back pain can occur due to reasons such as spinal cord cancer, arthritis or even kidney infections.

Pain on the upper back can be generally due to the tumors in the chest or even spine deformation.

Causes of Back Pain 

Now let’s discuss the various reasons why people may suffer from back pain.

  1. One of the most common reasons for the ache is generally the strain that can happen due to the muscle spasm, muscle tension, damaged disks or injuries. Some of the reasons these spasms or muscle tension can occur include lifting something too heavy or trying to make a sudden movement unknowingly that can cause a severe strain on the back.
  2. The structural problem is the next reason why many suffer from back pain. Some of these structural disorders include; ruptured disks (causes more pressure on the nerve thus causing the backache), sciatica (this is a pain that travels from the buttock downwards to the back of the leg that causes sharp pain on the back), osteoporosis (this condition causes the spinal vertebrae to become more dainty which is why it becomes prone to the slightest fracture) 

Treatment for The Pain

Back Pain can be usually cured using home remedies and only under extreme conditions you may need to visit a professional for help.

  1. Over the counter drugs are usually prescribed by medical professionals for light back pain that is easily curable. Some of these include codeine or hydrocodone which is generally prescribed for quicker relief from the pain. Medications of any sort must be taken only under the strict observance of the doctor as prescribed.
  2. You may be recommended by the doctors to also visit the physical therapist . He /She may suggest you wear belts to help maintain your posture besides several specialized exercise sessions they may conduct so that the pain subdues in a natural manner. As for the specialized belts, you may look out for dr ho products on halo health that will not just help you with improving the posture but such belts are necessary to erase the stiffness in the muscles on your back.
  3. Cognitive-behavioral therapies work on the pain by motivating the patient to come up with a new way of thinking. This can include maintaining a positive attitude and working on several relaxation techniques. Several studies have proven that patients who are offered CBT besides other medications do show better signs of improvement by engaging in several physical activities so that the chances of pain recurring lower down.


Final Words

Therefore these are certain treatment techniques that you can look into when you are suffering from the ache for a very long time and you are not sure what you can do to cure it or at least reduce its effects. Also, make sure you do not do the heavy lifting if you are potentially suffering from the backache and maintain the right posture while you sit so that the chances of suffering from this reduces a great deal. Also, get up and give yourself some break if you are someone who has to sit for long hours as part of your job.

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