Top Tips For Getting More Out Of Your Physiotherapy Appointments.

Do you have an appointment with the physiotherapist this week? Don’t know what to expect during the physio session? Don’t worry, today, we will share some tips to make things easier for you. So, here are the three simple ways that assure your recovery goes as planned and at minimal cost:

  • Know Yourself: Providing a clear health history to the physical therapist can be a real game-changer. Remember, a physiotherapist creates a clinical picture of their patients on the basis of their knowledge, experience, and the reported health history. So, the more details you give them, the better your therapist will diagnose your problem. You are expected to tell the following in the first session:
  1. History of the problem: When did your problem start? Is this the first time you are suffering from this condition? Did you have any tests like X-ray, scans, MRI or blood tests?
  2. Family history: In many cases, diseases such as diabetes, thyroid or cardiac problems are inherited by either of your parents. That’s why it’s important to communicate about the same to your therapist.
  3. Other medical conditions: If you have been diagnosed with mental, genetic or congenital conditions, then let your therapist know about it. Tell them about the medications also.
  4. Symptoms of the current problem: Discuss your present symptoms like sensations, numbness, excess sweating or severe pain.
  • Dress Accordingly: Whenever you visit the therapist, ensure that you wear the right pair of dress. For instance, if you are facing lower body issues, then carry shorts, regular footwear and any braces that are required. On the other hand, if you are dealing with upper-body issues, wear a light comfy t-shirt. Women should always wear a sports bra or a top with skinny straps, which makes it quick and easy to assess the area. Don’t wear jeans or long sleeves during your physio sessions.
  • Do Your Homework: If your therapist has given an exercise plan to treat your condition, they expect you to follow. No matter how good your therapist is, if you don’t follow the exercise plan properly, the chances of your quick recovery may come down.

The above three tips will add more value to your physio sessions, helping you to recover promptly. In this regard, Care Axis offers comprehensive care for a wide range of diagnoses, injuries, and other conditions through their experience, expertise, and advanced technology.

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