The Importance Of Wearing A Face Mask

Since the very beginning of this pandemic, health experts, doctors, and international health organizations have been asking people to wear face masks in public to avoid the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The plea for the same has intensified as the number of cases is on the rise every single day. This is happening because many people choose to ignore advices from the experts and instead continue doing their daily activities without taking any precautions. Face masks are very crucial and it’s now a necessity. Here are the reasons why wearing a face mask is important:

  • Masks give you protection- This is the most obvious and one of the main reasons we have been told to wear a mask since the start. Wearing a mask properly, with your nose, and mouth covered, will be beneficial for your own health. If everyone starts wearing a mask, the transmission of the virus can be stopped and lessens the risk of it getting spread in the community. This helps in reducing the risk of infection and hence helping in flattening the overall curve.
  • Protecting others- When you wear a face mask while stepping outside or interacting with someone outside the family, you are not only keeping yourself safe but also protecting the others. This virus spreads through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. The mask here acts as a blockage and hence helps in preventing the transmission of the virus to healthy people.
  • You may not realize you are contagious- Earlier it was advised by experts and doctors that only a COVID positive patient should wear a mask to avoid the transmission of the disease. But later it was found that the virus can also be pre-asymptotic and asymptotic. It has now become essential for everyone to wear a mask. Because you may not know who is infected and a potential transmitter of the virus. Therefore, it is suggested that you wear a face mask for your own good and for the others.
  • The best alternative- The vaccine is yet to be found, and even when we find one, it will take time for it to be available in the global market for everyone. Till then face masks and other protective gear are our best solutions.

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