The Best Treatments For Face Tightening And Hyperpigmentation

Wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation are some of the possible face changes when it comes to the aging process, external factors and lifestyle that someone has. Correcting these issues is maybe possible at some level with facial treatments and creams, but the best option for better and longer-lasting results are cosmetic procedures.

Because people usually don’t want to deal with a complicated recovery process that can also last long, they are looking for some alternatives that will have good results.

Ulthera facelift procedure

This treatment is one of the best non-invasive treatments for a facelift. The ultrasound waves affect the layer of the skin where collagen production is happening, while the superficial layer stays untouched.  The stimulated skin will produce more collagen that will result in a softer and tighter face.

With ulthera facelift, wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced, so you will get one general anti-aging treatment. There will be no anesthetics, cuts or pain, but you may feel sensations of tingling and heat. If you are very sensitive, you can take pain medications, but this treatment is usually easily tolerated. The procedure may last 30 minutes, or 60 and even 90 minutes depending on the treated area.

Boost your collagen with ultrasound waves

The place where you are doing the treatment is very important. Make sure to find a certified practitioner and reputable clinic, as your results will mostly depend on those factors. The effective ulthera facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is an amazing opportunity if you are thinking about undergoing this treatment in Australia.

Picosure laser treatment

Besides ultrasound energy, lasers have been included in the cosmetic world more than ever before. The picosure laser pigmentation Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne has also amazing abilities to treat fine lines and acne scars, besides its main function to treat pigmentation spots.

Picosure laser removes hyperpigmentation

This laser uses “pigment-seeking technology” to find over pigmented face areas. The laser emits energy into short, controlled pulses, that break down pigment into small particles, which are removed later by the body’s lymphatic system.

This laser is much safer than the older laser versions. Its short energy pulses cannot burn the skin surface, while the laser is doing its job. The older laser versions were creating heating sensations on the surface of the skin, making the treatment uncomfortable.

For every person, the practitioner will create an individual plan. So the treatment will be different for each client, which means that the clients with moderate or small pigmentation areas will have fewer treatments, while the persons with darker spots will have a few more. That can vary from approximately 2 treatments to 3 or 5. The period between the treatments should be 6 or 8 weeks.

Final word

Having a beautiful face is for many a big work. Luckily, the specialists can decide what kind of treatment will be the best for you, and ulthere facelift and picosure laser treatment are just some of the many available treatments that the cosmetic industry offers.


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