Should You Utilize Whitening Strips Prior to or After Brushing?

Always brush your teeth prior to you utilize teeth whitening strips; otherwise bacteria and plaque will get trapped between your teeth and the strip. This makes your chances of getting dental caries or other dental troubles more. In addition, if there’s plaque or microorganisms on the teeth, it’s harder for bleaching strips to do their task and sometimes may make the whitening representatives entirely ineffective.

However, you must not brush your teeth quickly prior to you use whitening strips as they can, in some cases irritate your gum tissues. Instead, wait a minimum of half an hour after cleaning your teeth in applying whitening strips.

If you find spots or excessive gel on your teeth when you remove the whitening strips, you can brush promptly after getting rid of the strips. Doing so will not damage your teeth. Obviously, you ought to continue cleaning twice a day while routinely making use of whitening strips to keep your teeth healthy and it won’t become tarnished once more.

Dangers of WhiteningStrips

The majority of bleaching strips are secure to utilize; nevertheless, if you utilize whitening strips that contain chlorine dioxide, you can cause harm to the enamel of your teeth. It is the same acid that is utilized to sanitize swimming pools. It lightens teeth by eating away at the surface area of the enamel. Basically, you are using down the enamel on your teeth and raising your threat for dental caries if you utilize this sort of bleaching strip.

Also, if your whitening strips do not include chlorine dioxide, it is necessary to comply with the instructions on the package. Do not get restless and use more bleaching strips or utilize them much longer or more frequently than is recommended. Doing so might be unsafe for the enamel on your teeth. Products that liquify enamel can harm periodontal cells, so if your gums are inflamed after utilizing an item for a couple of days, you may want to cease use and see your dental expert.

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