Precautions to Take While Heading Out During a Pandemic

The number of coronavirus cases continues to increase in India. However, the government has started easing lockdown measures. Currently, India has over 8 lakh cases, with more than 22,000 deaths. Strict regulations are still prevalent in containment zones across the country.

The average number of daily cases has increased significantly from May 2020 to July 2020. During the end of May 2020, the number of cases on an everyday basis was more than 8,500. In June, this number had crossed 15,000. Currently, in July, India has reported over 20,000 new cases daily. As the country enters phase II of relaxing lockdown regulations, there has been a spike in new cases. Amidst these easing norms, here are some precautions you must take before heading out:

  • Ensure you are wearing a mask and gloves
  • Sanitize your hands, especially after touching any surface
  • Avoid public transport as much as possible; if you cannot, maintain the social distancing norms
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Use a tissue or handkerchief while coughing or sneezing
  • Carry personal stationery
  • Refrain from eating outside food

Do not venture out of the house if not necessary. If you step out, sanitize all the items once you return, including your phone, bags, and shoes. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or take a shower.

Health insurance for COVID-19

If you find symptoms like fever, shortness of breath, or cold, do not panic and seek medical advice. Follow the doctor’s recommendations to prevent any complications. 

Today, times are unprecedented, and everyone is worried about their and loved ones’ health. Ifsomeone in your home tests positive for coronavirus and requires hospitalization, your regular cashless health insurance plan should cover the treatment-related costs.

Most health plans cover this infection; however, if you wish to seek additional coverage, you can buy another coronavirus health insurance policy. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Hospitalization expenses

As per the applicable terms and conditions, this insurance plan covers medical expenses, which you incur during hospitalization. Additionally, if you are under quarantine in a hospital, the Coronavirus health insurance policy will take care of the medical expenses.

  • Diagnostic testing

If you have any symptoms that indicate coronavirus infection and if the diagnostic test is positive, theinsurance plan will provide coverage for the same. However, if the result is negative, then the amount paid for the test is not covered under the health insurance for coronavirus policy.

  • Death benefits

A life insurance plan provides death benefits in case of a demise during the policy term. However, a medical policy covers treatment expenses for chronic ailments and hospitalization charges. If a policyholder passes away, the medical insurance policy does not pay any benefits.

You may avail of cashless services from any of the network hospitals. Additionally, the benefits are available only if you seek treatment in India. If you do not have a mediclaim, get one today to protect your savings.

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