Important Workout Tips from Herbalife Nutrition

Many people don’t realize how much proper nutrition impacts your body, especially where exercise is concerned. Food fuels the body. When people don’t eat nutritiously, the body can often feel sluggish, stiff, or sore. However, when people eat healthy and nutritious diets, they will often feel nourished, energized, and strong.

While eating to support healthy workouts doesn’t need to be complicated, everyone has different nutritional requirements. So, be sure to reflect on what foods make your body function and feel it’s best.

Read on to discover Herbalife Nutrition’s top exercise and nutrition tips.

Decreased Mobility Can Cause Injuries

To make the most of your workout, you must be able to move—and move well. An article in the American Council on Exercise revealed that mobility is essential in preventing injuries. When the muscles tighten, and flexibility diminishes, injuries are more likely to occur because a muscle or joint is often strained or stretched beyond its capacity. Though some joints require stability, others need adequate mobility to maintain balance. When the body becomes unbalanced, it is more likely to compensate by putting more strain on the other joints leading to an increased risk for injury.

Stretch to Improve Mobility

Start every workout by stretching to increase the range of motion for joints and muscles. When a person uses dynamic stretching in a controlled manner, they can increase muscle power and joint range-of-motion. Use static stretching and ballistic stretching to improve your mobility.

Choose Health, Anti-inflammatory Foods to Support Your Workouts

Food is fuel, which is all the more true when exercising. Support your workouts with nutrient-dense foods like lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. They’ll give your body the healthy carbohydrates necessary to fuel your exercise routines. Conversely, if you eat too many unhealthy foods, your body will be unable to support your exercise routine. Nutritious food, on the other hand, will help the body repair and replace tissue, power the muscles, and help the body build bone.

Adding Spices Can Reduce Inflammation

Spices like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric can help reduce inflammation. They can also help repair connective tissue like fascia, tendons, and ligaments.

Protein Helps the Body

Eating adequate and healthy proteins are also good for the body. Protein helps the body create tissues and organs as well as muscles. When you eat a diet with an adequate amount of healthy protein, the body can quickly repair injuries. Many studies have shown that having a high-protein diet can help improve physical function while also improving mobility. Older adults, in particular, require adequate amounts of protein because it helps them maintain and build muscle. Complete proteins can help enhance muscle quality and mobility. Adding protein supplements like those from Herbalife Nutrition can help the body get what it needs to repair muscles and connective tissue.

Consider Supplements to Aid in Mobility and Nutrition

A well-planned diet can help provide you with all the nutrition you need. However, when life gets busy, it can be difficult to ensure that you are achieving all of your nutritional needs. When you invest in high-quality nutrition and workout supplements like those from Herbalife Nutrition, you will be able to ensure you maintain your mobility and your nutritional health.

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