Fun facts about botox!

It is safe, provided that it is done by experts.

The medical field is constantly evolving and after decades of persistent research and development, Doctors have finally hit the nail on the head. It goes without saying that something that is going to be injected in the face will be discernibly dissected, studied and experimented on. However, do not try to cut down on the costs by checking in with unregulated and unlicensed cosmetic products or services.

  1. Does it hurt?

The answer is no! If you’re paranoid about the use of needles, there’s no need to be. Just as anesthesia is administered for complex invasive operations, a numbing cream is applied all over the face and this step precedes botox injections. You won’t feel a thing.

  1. It is one of the most coveted cosmetic treatments in the world

According to a modern statistic research report, over 7.2 million injections of Botox were administered in the year 2017 alone! That’s a whopping number of people! This makes it the most popular and in-demand non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

  1. The risk factor is low

First of all, botulinum toxin A is just a natural plant protein that has the characteristics of muscle-relaxing properties. Secondly, since it’s a non-invasive treatment, the risk of developing complications or infection is slim to none. If you want to exercise abundant caution, you can inform the doctor well in advance about your past medical history, so they can be better prepared.

  1. It will not make you look frozen

This entirely depends on the clinical center. There are renowned companies like Clinique Anti-aging where well-trained professionals will ensure that the end-result is au-natural and aesthetic. The secret formula is where exactly botox needs to be injected and in what dosage.

  1. Contrary to popular opinion, Botox treats the muscle, not skin

If you’re someone who exercises or is overly expressive, then the chances of developing fine lines aremuch higher. If you tendto frown or make a worried face, then the horizontal lines that appear in your forehead will eventually form into wrinkles. Botox acts as a muscle relaxant and gives way too much softer skin.

  1. Botox is not restricted to celebrities

There are plenty of youngsters in the regular world who are opting for botox. It’s a common misconception that only superstars have the funds for the treatment.

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