Foam or Shampoo: Which Minoxidil Should You Use?

Rogaine or Minoxidil is a tried and tested hair loss treatment choice that can dramatically slow down the hair loss procedure. Tests show that Rogaine stops hair loss in four out of five males and that nine out of ten guys maintained or regrew their hair.

Rogaine comes in two variations:

  • Rogaine fluid
  • Rogaine foam

For novice users, it’s tough to know how they differ.


Rogaine foam is much less unpleasant to use, so it might be regarded as being less complicated to utilize overall. This makes customers a lot more likely to utilize it two times a day, equally as it must be! The fluid variation leaves a lot oilier residue on the hair, so the foam was created as a hassle-free option for hair styling.

Rogaine foam additionally has fewer circumstances of intolerance, as propylene glycol is not present in it. This substance helps Minoxidil to go inside the skin’s surface to affect the hair follicles. Nonetheless, while this can improve the effectiveness of Minoxidil, it is evidently responsible for the majority of all instances of Rogaine’s allergic reaction or irritability in people who are intolerant of the fluid kind of Rogaine.


Overall, the foam dries out faster, as well as can be less of a problem to apply. As pointed out above, it’s much better for styling. If you’re looking for an option that’s extremely easy to use throughout your daily regimen, the foam is most likely a much better bet.

However, if you have longer hair, the liquid might suit you much better, as the foam can be difficult to get onto your scalp.


Both Rogaine fluid, as well as foam, are equally effective. Professional test data shows that around 60 percent of people experienced an increase in scalp coverage. Rogaine works by promoting hair follicles to relocate from relaxing to the development phase. This likewise increases the length of the development phase. The relaxing phase lasts six weeks in a healthy hair follicle, so it’s important to use Rogaine on a regular basis for a minimum of that time to see the results of hair growth. Outcomes can be obtained within 8-16 weeks.

If you are a female and have female pattern hair loss conditions, use Rogaine foam for women.

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