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Determining Whether Hemp Is Marijuana or Its Own Unique Type of Plant

Cannabis and CBD are making their fair share of headlines these days. Some people are fighting for more widespread acceptance of the plant and its compounds whereas others are battling to keep them under wraps. In the midst of all...


How Does Minoxidil Grow New Hair?

Minoxidil is considered a vasodilator. While the precise system of action for Minoxidil isn't really clear, it's believed to function by partially increasing the size of hair roots and extending the development phase of hair. With more follicles in the...


Why Is upper Stomach endoscopy done?

Upper endoscopy or EGD is a treatment to diagnose as well as treat issues in your upper ABDOMEN tract. The upper stomach system includes your food pipe, tummy, as well as the initial component of your little intestinal tract. This...