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Does Medicare Cover Prescription Drugs?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 89% of adults 65 or older take at least one prescription drug. Over half of adults 65 or older take at least four prescription medications. If you aren’t taking prescription medications now, you probably...


What To Expect From An Hourglass Tummy Tuck

If you've always wanted an hourglass figure but found it difficult to achieve that, an hourglass tummy tuck may be ideal for you. The fairly new procedure will significantly reduce the look of a bulging abdomen by removing extra skin...


How Does Minoxidil Grow New Hair?

Minoxidil is considered a vasodilator. While the precise system of action for Minoxidil isn't really clear, it's believed to function by partially increasing the size of hair roots and extending the development phase of hair. With more follicles in the...

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