All You Need To Know About Your Favorite Cheese Fem Seeds

Cannabis is a psychopharmaceutical drug that changes functions in the nervous system. The primary psychoactive component found in Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana, is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The source plants of Cannabis are Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis sativa. Cannabis has been used for several purposes like recreational use, medical use, industrial use, ancient and religious use, and more. Cannabis plants show gender, which is of utmost importance to cultivators. That is because only female plants can produce buds. Usually, after six weeks, the gender of the plant can be identified.

Cheese fem seeds are a type of cannabis seeds whose sex is identified as female. It has fast growth (approximately 50 to 60 days). Cheese Fem Seeds grow strong and can be easily cultivated by growers who have the slightest knowledge and experience.

Cheese fem is well known for its sharply sour aroma. Famous for its exceptional flavors, it is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with Indica having the dominant position (Cheese fem are 80% Indica while the rest 20% is Sativa). The origin of her can be traced to the United Kingdom back in the 1980s.

When it was first launched in the United Kingdom, the consumers responded too well to make its launch successful. The cheesy taste was highly accepted, and her great aroma was a feather to her cap. She is a cross of Old shunk #1 and an Afghani #1

The THC component in her lies between 9% to 14%, while CBD presence is medium.

 If looked into features of cheese fem cannabis, the following can be summed up:


The growth is fast (approximately 50 to 60 days), which makes her choose the cultivator. She can be quickly grown by cultivators with little knowledge and experience. She grows wonderfully in greenhouses or temperate climates. However, to neutralize her aroma, anti-odor becomes a necessity.


Cheese fem cannabis is classified as a heavy yielder that can produce up to 525h/m2 indoors and 1000g/plant outdoors.


Cheese fem is known for her pleasant effect leaving the consumer feeling relaxed and calm. If one wants to experience mind-altering moments for a while, cheese fem cannabis is a must.

 Known mainly for its long-lasting flavor and aroma with the first puff intake, Cheese fem cannabis is a choice of most of the consumers of Marijuana who are left satisfied by her. It is now a top-notch strain and stands unbeatable.

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